Monday, March 25, 2013

Ok, let’s just call this what this is. Karl Rove DID NOT just endorse gay marriage.

Karl Rove did not break out his PFLAG card and say “They’re here they’re queer, and I’ve finally gotten used to it!” Nope, that didn’t happen. He simply responded with “I could.” when George Stephanopoulos asked if he could imagine a GOP candidate being Pro-Gay Marriage. Big deal, he can imagine it. I can imagine “Murder She Wrote” going back on the air. I can imagine Michelle Bachmann finally snapping and saying “I am not a homophobe! I f*cking married one!”

Truth of the matter is that Karl Rove has used gay folks as cannon fodder to further his career since his very early days as a political strategist, and I liken him to a low-rent Hitler. Wow! That just happened. Yup, and I’ll say it to the loathsome troll’s face.  Karl Rove’s adopted father Louis Rove is gay. This man raised Karl Rove and yet Karl was the sole person who says he didn’t know his dad was gay. He lived in Palm Springs for crying out loud. He and his father were close and had an amicable relationship and this didn’t stop him from using gay people as fuel for his propaganda machine that got George W. Bush into the Governor’s mansion, and later the White House.  He took a divisive issue and used it to get what he wanted. A bucket of rabid scorpions has a greater sense of loyalty than this man. Hitler did the same thing. He took a cross-section of people and got the country to rally against them, and then he expanded. It’s bullying on a massive scale.

Does Karl believe what he espouses? I sincerely doubt it and it doesn’t matter. I’m sure he’s going to look for another outlet to funnel his motivational hatred when people finally stop hating gays. You watch, it’s absolutely true. He will attempt to unify the American people against a common foe. If no foe exists, he'll make one. All the while, he’ll be rubbing his hands together as the diversion takes place.

Satan’s Filthy Concubine hasn’t changed his stance, he’s simply says he can imagine it, and if he did change his stance, you’d be a fool to believe it.

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