Monday, February 11, 2013

Gone Daddy, Gone!

There is a certain overwhelming truth that has become a Hallmark of this day and age. All deception will eventually make it’s way to the light of day. Communication is instantaneous and everyone is anxious to hear what exactly happened. It’s only a matter of time.

That said, I’m glad you’re leaving. In fact, I can’t say anybody’s heartbroken to see you in their rear-view mirror.  If I’d had my way, I’d have thrown your shit into garbage bags and thrown it on the front lawn a long time ago.  By the way, has anybody ever told you that your profile looks like a Skeksi from the Dark Crystal?

Your contribution as a pope is a legacy protecting child molesters and being generally divisive.  Instead of delivering a message of peace and unity, your Christmas speech was about how gay people are ruining the concepts of marriage and family. Now there are allegations of corruption and money laundering…Really? You’re the holiest man the Christian world can produce? Really?
You’ve done nothing to try to keep up with the modern world. You’ve taken an antiquated message and used it to alienate people. Catholics, this is the best you can come up with, a former member of the Hitler Youth? Really? It’s no wonder that people are leaving the church in droves.

The news is saying that the Pope’s ailing health is the reason behind his stepping down. There’s absolutely no way that’s true. The stigma behind being the 1st Pope in six hundred years to step down by far outweighs the ailing health scenario. I call bullshit. There’s absolutely something a foot here.

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Anonymous said...

Me too! I call bullshit and shenanigans, too. Meanwhile he will need new street clothes. Wonder if he saved his brown shirts?
love the skeksi comparison. spot on