Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Magic Eight Ball whose only Answer for everything is PRAYER, but try shaking it anyway: an open letter to Rick Perry:

Not to bring up old shit, but let’s look at your track record. Your big push for the presidency was an ad about how gay dudes shouldn’t be able to fight openly in the military. Not a good move. Turns out, people don’t really hate gay folks as much as you want them to believe you do. The words you were searching for were “Thank you for serving our country”, a service you never bothered to do and you were a Military Science major.  I never served in the military either, but I support ANYBODY who’s willing to lay down their life for the benefit of this great country. You should re-evaluate your priorities, perhaps try an attitude of gratitude. 

The part of Planned Parenthood that provides abortions is completely separate from the one that provides health care to lower income women -- you know, the one that consists of treatment for cancer, diabetes, STI's, high-blood pressure, checkups, and yes contraception.  You refused federal funding in any way for all services. So now all of these women have to go without medical attention or pay out of pocket. That was 200 million dollars that you turned your nose up at, and you don’t even own a vagina. You care for children until they're born. Your message to children then becomes “go outside and practice breaking some rocks”. You signed a bill slashing education by 4 billion dollars. Great, so now that we have all these kids, let’s not educate them.  Way to keep Texas competitive, Rick.  Are you kidding me?

Your latest is a response to gun control. “Texas needs prayer.”  No, what Texas needs is a leader who can stand up and deliver a message without sounding like a total tool bag.  I have no problem with responsible gun ownership. I appreciate the skill of marksmanship. Our problem is crazy people, and at this point in the game, one could very easily argue that we currently have one living in the governor’s mansion.  Sane gun owners don’t kill people. Crazy people kill people and it doesn’t matter if they own guns, because they will find guns or something else that works. Texas ranks dead last in mental health spending per capita. Increase mental health spending, at least as a proactive measure to show your constituents that perhaps you have a vision that will prevent the need for guns in regard to protection.

Your priorities are way out of whack.



John Padgett

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