Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Answer is Super Easy...

Folks are pissed…in both directions. 

It’s about chicken sammiches and a dude who shoots his mouth off about what he believes.
People got their panties in a wad about it. 

I’d love to say that it’s not a big deal, but it kind of is.  I said earlier that to tell a gay person to “Calm down, it’s just a chicken sandwich.” would be like going up to Rosa Parks and saying, “Chill out, it’s just a bus ride.”.  

There’s a lot more going on here than just someone exercising their right to free speech. It’s about money, and how much of it is going to places that would not only persecute gay people, but are also staunchly against contraception of any kind, sex ed., gambling, abortion, stem-cell research, obscenity, euthanasia and divorce.  These foundations get millions from the chicken dude.  If you’re on board with all that, not just with some, but with all, then have at it.

Some religious sects feel that marriage is threatened by gay people, so they’re trying to restrict marriage to just be between a man and a woman. I understand what they mean. I hear it all the time…It’s 'cause of the bible and stuff.

I’m not going into the who’s right and who’s wrong of it. I’m not going to change anybody’s mind. Issues like this are purely emotional. Very few people are going to be swayed in a direction that is contrary to what they already believe. Which is to say, that it boils down to an argument between five-year-olds;  “My dad can beat up your dad!” and the like; except in this case, it’s the “My non-visible deity working in mysterious ways can kick your non-visible deity working in mysterious ways' ass, and we’re gonna prove it through the purchase boneless chicken sandwiches!”
Yeah, that’s tellin ‘em…fer sher…

The solution is clear, why not let every couple have a civil union? Gays, lesbians, straight people, it’s all civil unions in the eyes of the government. Real simple. Then a marriage is done in a church or wherever with the minister of your preference. This way, everyone has the same rights, and if you don’t want two dudes, dressed in speedos, tying the knot in a wading pool filled with mayonnaise, in the locker room of your church, so be it, but in the eyes of the law everyone is the same.

Your church is your business. Keep it out of everybody else’s. That’s just being a bad neighbor.

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